Welcome to the Ready Woman blog! I’m so glad you’ve joined us! Here you will discover the intricacies of becoming a ready woman while preparing for life’s particular challenges unique to our times. Let’s face it gals: This world is not the same place it was even a decade ago. What would have been considered the norm before may be the short-sighted, even costly thing now. For instance, it is no longer safe to assume that a college campus, a political rally or a church for that matter is a threat-free zone. In an unstable economy, we cannot even make financial plans with any degree of certainty - like buying home, setting up a college fund for our children, investing in stocks, or planning for retirement - when many are struggling just to pay the utility bill or put food on the table. Yes, we can plan, but we must plan differently. Learning to live practically, wisely and authentically in these rapidly changing times is essential if we aspire to be ready women.

At the Ready Woman blog, we seek to provide ready solutions to these new challenges in an ever-changing world. You will see practical tips, timely advice and spiritual encouragement on everything from parenting, marriage, personal struggles, relationships, emergency preparation, nutrition, finances, faith and more. If it’s related to readiness, you can count on it covered! After all, women are complex beings living in a complex world with complex uncertainties. Doesn’t it just make sense to know the next step?

We hope you’ll stick around long enough to see that Ready Woman will strive to bring many of the answers you’ve been searching for. And if you’re like me, you’ve been filled with a growing anxiety about your future, what it will look like for you and your family, and how you can make a difference. These are exciting times gals, especially for those who are prepared. Are you a ready woman? If not, won’t you come join us!